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I invite you to take an inner-journey and become the hero of your own life by realizing your dreams, exploring your fears and, most of all, loving yourself through every aspect of it. Invest in yourself and  realize happiness is an inside job and step one to a beautiful and satisfying life.

What's available:

Relaxing through Art Classes
Studio group classes and one-on-one instruction

Healing through Art Classes
Studio group classes and one-on-one instruction

Releasing grief through writing

Studio group classes and one-on-one instruction

Private appointments

With a mix of modalities depending on needs ~ including Aromatherapy, Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), affirmation training, life coaching, and  healing through art.

Why me?

Because I am in love with the idea of empowering people to love and appreciate themselves. Teaching self-love and acceptance is the most important thing for me to express because I did not love or accept myself for many years. My life was complete chaos because I lived it according to what I thought other people wanted. I freed myself from that lifestyle and want to help others do the same. I learned to be authentic and love the person in the mirror, through everything, the good, the bad and the ugly! Turns out I wasn't so bad or ugly after all, and hey, lots of good  was in there too! I did have a lot to learn about how I was contributing to an unhappy lifestyle through old habits, beliefs and routines. I learned how  to set a new course. Learning and applying self-love practices turned out to be the key to my success. As soon as I accepted and loved myself for exactly who I was, it was then I was able to allow love to flow to me and through me. This was like nothing I had experienced in my entire life, I transformed from a victim of life into my own hero.  I now understand I am worth the investment in myself, and I know you are too! 

The first step to improving my life, was improving myself. I know what it takes to transform, and learn self-love. I want to share that with anyone that is ready to take a leap of faith in themselves. Let's leap together! I am a certified life coach and an artist of many years. Combining these two modalities has been extremely rewarding, and surprising revealing!

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Illuminate Your Life Retreat with Marla, Danielle Christina and Amanda


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Upcoming Events

Spiritual Awakening, Healing Journey & Yoga Retreat in Sedona, AZ

Illuminate Your Life!  

Spiritual Awakening, Healing Journey and Yoga Retreat for Women  

Sedona, AZ   April 6 – 10, 2018  

Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed?  Or feel like you have no balance in your life? Do you find that you have little time for self-care as you are so busy doing for others? Do you yearn for more peace, calm and joy in your life? Do you ever feel like there is more to life but don’t know how to find it? If any of these questions resonated with you, this healing retreat is a perfect fit for you.  This intensive awakening, healing and yoga retreat in beautiful Sedona, AZ will create a safe space for you to explore, understand, and grow yourself towards a more empowered, connected you where you will learn to tune into your inner wisdom.  

Sedona has long been regarded as a place both sacred and powerful.  You will learn about energy and how to connect with the energetic healing properties of our earth for everyday health and renewal.  By learning to ground and connect with the earths healing energy, you find your stress and muscle tension will decrease providing pain relief, you will find you sleep better and experience an energy boost.  They have proven scientifically by testing with medical devices that grounding will improve your overall health including lowering your blood pressure, calming your heart rate and so much more.  

The powerful healing and grounding energy of Sedona will assist in helping you begin to heal your mind, body and spirit so you begin to live the life you are meant to. Whether you arrive with curiosity and a desire to grow or if you feel a sense of loss, disconnection or exhaustion, you will transform into a much better place than where you were when you arrived. You will leave grounded with a calm presence, optimism, tools for change, and deep, resonant joy.  Our four teachers will guide you through group activities and individual work both indoors and outdoors. You will learn to connect with the earth and nature and “be” in the moment.  You will learn and experience energetic healing, sink into deep meditation, personal reflection and creative expression exercises. 

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Sedona will both heal and energize you!


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“I am a highly successful, intuitive life, career and business coach and have worked with and trained many successful coaches over the years. If you want to heal, transform your life and learn to truly love yourself, Amanda is the one to work with!”

Marla Williams

Life, Career and Business Coach

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